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Network Effects

We invest in Network Effects-driven businesses where the value of a product increases with every new user. We live and breathe SaaS-enabled platforms and marketplaces because we strongly believe these are the businesses that will continue to revolutionize the world, enabled by new technologies in areas we cannot even imagine today.

From democratizing jewelry design to digitizing the supply chain of bulk construction supplies, our investments aren't limited to any specific industry. The potential of Network Effects-driven businesses is everywhere!

Initial ticket size

€200k - 1.2m

We invest in

Pre-Seed and Seed stage startups

Networks you need

Our Marketplace Conference brings together the Network Effects world twice a year. With hundreds of founders, investors and leaders in one space, you’ll meet the people with the know-how and networks needed to take your business to the next level.

Follow-on funding

Our support doesn't end with one investment – we follow on and introduce you to the right investors at Series A, B and beyond. In our first three years alone, our portfolio raised €469m from top investors including Northzone, Mubadala, Forerunner Ventures and Softbank.

Strength in numbers

Drawing on a strong entrepreneurial and investment track record of 30+ years and 70+ companies, we know how to build a successful business. Our advisory board of seasoned investors, marketplace operators and founders are also on-hand to support you from day one.

Our Portfolio

Motley London

“Speedinvest has been a true partner from the very beginning. They literally go the extra mile for us - always with the mindset of an entrepreneur and not of a financial investor.”

Max Laemmle
Founder and CEO, Fraugster

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Our follow-on network

We partner with top international funds to help secure the capital you need to scale.

Our advisory board

Industry experts at your disposal.

Pierre-François Marteau
Pierre-François Marteau
Entrepreneur and Board Member
Eugen B. Russ
Eugen B. Russ
Managing Partner, Russmedia Equity
 Michael Berger
Michael Berger
Head of Marketplaces & CEO, Styria
 Joerg Gerbig
Joerg Gerbig
COO, Just Eat

The Marketplace Conference

Entrepreneurs, experts and investors unite to share insights into what it takes to build a successful Network Effects-based business. The world's largest marketplace-focused conference attracts 650+ attendees and 30+ top speakers to its biannual events held in Berlin, San Francisco, and online.

“If you have any interest in marketplaces, this is hands-down the conference with the best attendees, content, and speakers in the world. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Josh Breinlinger, Jackson Square Ventures

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“Since the early days of TIER, Mathias and the Speedinvest Network Effects team have been incredibly supportive and share our vision ‘To change mobility for good.’ Speedinvest has been instrumental in getting us in front of the right investors and helping us to secure significant follow-on funding quickly.”

Lawrence Leuschner
CEO & Co-Founder, TIER Mobility