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SaaS & Health

The face of software is changing rapidly to reflect the role technology plays in our daily lives. We want seamless, simple, personal tech – and we want it now.

This paradigm shift is what we're looking for: SaaS that looks and feels like the consumer technologies we can’t live without and makes work ten times more efficient; Digital Health applications that redefine the relationship between patients and doctors.

If you're building these next-generation tools, let’s talk. Our experience, network and grit can get you to where you want to be.

Initial ticket size

€100k - 2m

We invest in

Pre-seed & Seed stage startups

Expert guides

We’ve spent a decade supporting founders and pass what we’ve learned on to you. 1:1 coaching, our SaaS scorecard, Founder’s Handbook and follow-on funding guide are a few examples of the knowledge and tools at your fingertips.

At the forefront

We invested in SaaS before the hype and built one of Europe’s largest early-stage Digital Health portfolios before it was the next big sector. We go in early and do the heavy lifting, so we can help you build the future.

Diverse perspectives

We’ve worked for governments, US investors and Google – and sold startups to Fortune 500s. Our large, diverse team with broad perspectives gives you a clear overview, so you can avoid potential blind spots others may miss.

“When we raised our first, institutional Seed round, Speedinvest was a natural choice: Building a SaaS-enabled B2B marketplace, we couldn’t think of a better long-term, strategic partner. They believed in our vision before it was mainstream and share our belief that technology is the most powerful weapon we have in the fight for our planet’s future.”

Anna Alex
Co-Founder, Planetly

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Our Portfolio

Second Nature
Bloom Diagnostics
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“From the first meeting, we knew we wanted Speedinvest as partners. Their experience in the European start-up ecosystem is unparalleled, which when combined with their support and network, makes an attractive USP. But it is the long-term relationships with the team and Arnaud in particular that make Speedinvest a truly valuable partner."

Evan Floden
CEO & Founder, Seqera Labs

"Speedinvest is a committed partner, passionate about our cause and proactive on many fronts, from strategy, to hiring and PR. Thank you Markus, Yang, and the rest of the Speedinvest team for helping us win."

Kenneth Schlenker
Founder & CEO, Opal

"Speedinvest backed us from the very beginning of our journey and have never failed to show up with their network, advice, and conviction. Four years and counting with them behind us, and I hope they are with us through the IPO."

Chris Edson
Founder & CEO, Second Nature