Arnaud Bakker

Arnaud Bakker


Before joining Speedinvest, Arnaud worked in corporate and investment banking at J.P. Morgan, specifically in the healthcare space. 

During his time supporting leadership teams, he quickly developed a growing interest in entrepreneurship and startups. Arnaud decided to apply his hands-on experience and knowledge to help entrepreneurs in Europe grow their businesses from the ground up. 

At Speedinvest, he is responsible for sourcing, evaluating and executing investments, primarily focused on the Healthtech space.

A former semi-professional swimmer, Arnaud loves kite surfing and wake boarding, which he can combine with his passion for traveling. He also loves restoring vintage cars and motorcycles and has participated in several long-distance rallies across Europe and Africa.

“New defendable tech that has the potential to shake up and redefine an entire industry, such as the healthcare sector, excites me. I love meeting founders who are vision-driven and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty at the same time.”