Heather Treven

Heather Treven

Office Manager

Heather joined the Speedinvest team in February of 2021 as Office Manager. Previously, she worked for a technology startup and an environmental NGO, taught English to young children, and also worked as a real estate sales agent, which included doing mortgages and personal loans. 

After moving to Vienna from the sunny state of Florida fourteen years ago, Heather found herself in love with the culture and lifestyle in Vienna, where she decided to build her life and career. 

Her colleagues and friends would describe her as an outgoing, energetic, dedicated and communicative person who likes to smile, enjoy lots (and lots) of chit-chat, and tries to bring positive energy into the office environment.

Outside of the office, she is into gaming and surrounds herself with upbeat music of all genres. She loves dancing and spending every possible moment with her son.

"Relax and keep smiling! Life’s too short for anything else!"

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Heather Treven

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