Jörg Flöck

Jörg Flöck

Jörg’s early passion for investing and technology opened the door to an international career in financial services. 

As the Executive Chairman, he drives the strategic agenda of Speedinvest together with the Managing Directors and General Partners. 

Jörg brings more than two decades of corporate leadership experience in financial services and banking technology (Thomson Reuters) to Speedinvest. He built his C-Level network while socializing with global leaders at the World Economic Forum (Davos), advising the Mayor of Rome and meeting Barack Obama at the White House Press dinner in Washington.

Today, Jörg is eager to bridge the cultural gap between the corporate and startup world. He is an active business angel (Wikifolio, Curve, GoStudent, Clark) and corporate non-executive board director. After many years on the Fintech Investment Committee and as Executive Chairman, he became Managing Partner at Speedinvest before returning to the Executive Chairman role in May 2022.

Jörg is an avid traveler and loves exploring the world. He has visited nearly sixty countries and has called six of them home.

"I love building high profile teams and helping individuals to grow. Investing time in people are the best investments I’ve ever made!"

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