Michael Schuster

Michael Schuster

General Partner

Michael enjoys it when ideas come alive, develop and grow. As a Speedinvest Co-Founder and Partner, he believes that helping entrepreneurs make their dreams come true is the “dent” that investors can make in the universe. 

For a decade, Michael worked in the IT industry, riding the startup roller coaster on a daily basis. Building enterprise software and media startups, ranging from semantic technologies, tools for collaboration to social media monitoring left a lasting impression.

Michael worked on the next generation of online banking and built the first commercial blog hoster in Europe. His background in Computer Science and Economics and Business Administration is most likely the reason for making him a product geek and most curious about building a great organization that can grow.

"Good teams are like a band; together, they sound better and when you are on stage. It feels like magic. Good teams get the best “sound” possible and are obsessed with creating wonderful music for their audience."