Severin Zugmayer

Severin Zugmayer

Head of Fundraising

A former brand and marketing expert, Severin’s prior work experience allowed him to engage with startups and visionary founders from numerous perspectives. This growing interest in the startup ecosystem ultimately led him to join the investor’s side of the table. 

Most recently, Severin worked at Google, supporting tech startups in accelerating their growth. Prior to his time at Google, he was part of the Red Bull team leading the company’s efforts in the startup and university ecosystems. Severin gained his first professional work experience in the executive search field at Kienbaum Consulting.

Severin was born in Austria and has since lived and worked in Oslo, Wroclaw, Hamburg, and New York, before moving back to Vienna to join the Speedinvest team. 

Severin is extremely passionate about consumer behaviors and societal trends, an interest which has allowed him to develop a comprehensive understanding of and invest in category-defining consumer companies. In addition to working closely with consumer tech startups, he is heading fundraising activities across Speedinvest and manages strategic LP relationships. 

In his spare time, Severin is establishing a new tennis club in Vienna, is overly competitive about basketball, and loves all kinds of outdoor sports like skiing and mountaineering.

“I love people who are serious about their work but don‘t take themselves too seriously.”

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