Thomas Wrienz

Thomas Wrienz

Head of Investment Controlling & Finance

As Head of Investment Controlling & Finance, Thomas leads and guides the department and cooperates  with Operations, Investor Relations and Investment Management.

He graduated from Vienna University of Business and Economics, with postgraduate university courses in Modern Management and Project Management. He has longstanding experience in corporate finance, accounting, controlling and treasury for various multinational companies and industries (e.g. pulp & paper, packaging, refractories, renewable energy & finance, construction & production, forest products, saw mill  products & biomass energy, health care).

Outside of work, his hobbies include ice hockey, hiking, orienteering, cooking, learning about foreign cultures and spending time with family

"Life is complicated enough, try to keep it simple, focus on priorities and look for practical solutions for upcoming challenges with certain pragmatism, it is only one life without further credit!"

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Thomas Wrienz

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