About Us

VC Redefined

We refuse to be just another investor who sends you money and shows up at board meetings to provide “advice.” Our mission is to empower you throughout your journey with actionable, aligned and game-changing support.

From day one, you have full access to our experienced investors, Platform+ operational experts and global networks of industry partners. Whatever you need to succeed, we do everything in our power to help make it happen.

Sector-Focused Investors

Our sector-focused investment teams know their industries inside & out. From follow-on funding support to landing new customers, their deep know-how & networks open doors.

Value-Adding Operational Support

We don’t expect you to know or have time to do everything. Our Platform+ team supports your unique operational needs so you can focus on executing your core vision.

Pan-European Presence

With investors and operational experts on the ground across the continent, we help win your local market and expand your business throughout Europe and beyond.

Meet Your Team

From entrepreneurs to software engineers, PhD's and lifelong investors, we’re a diverse and experienced bunch. Together, we uncover and empower the next generation of promising European tech founders.

Get to know us

European focus, global footprint

We may have been born in Vienna, but we’ve grown a bit over the years. With five offices across Europe, we’re closer than you may think.

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At what stage(s) do you invest?
What’s a typical investment round and how big will the check be?
I have other investors lined up, should I still talk to you guys?
Can I count on you to follow on with your investment?
What industries / sectors do you invest in?
What countries do you invest in?
What should my startup have before we contact you?
What metrics do you want to see before investing?
What do you look for in founders?
We're ready to pitch! How does it work and how long does it take?
I got rejected, what’s next?
What does it mean to be an operational VC?
What is Platform+?
What is Speedinvest doing to combat climate change?
What is your commitment to Diversity & Inclusion?
Is Speedinvest or your portfolio companies hiring?