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Diversity, Equity
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Talent is everywhere. Let's open our doors to it.

Oliver Holle
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
VC is a fast-paced business. For years, the go-to way to quickly seal a competitive deal or hire a new team member has been to primarily work with people who your industry friends can vouch for.

The problem: These networks of convenience have become increasingly isolated and difficult to break into. If we don't actively open our doors to the talented people who for years have been stuck on the outside looking in, how can they get the chance they deserve to make their mark?

The current system isn't only unfair. We're missing great opportunities. Nobody wins.

Speedinvest has built a reputation on challenging the status quo in our industry when it's needed. For us, this is an opportunity to fight for change that will benefit everyone - founders, VCs, LPs, the world. That said, we know we too have a lot of work ahead of us. We're not perfect but committed to doing our part. We hope you'll join us!

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Strategy

While one part of our larger ESG policy, the five-year roadmap (available below) goes beyond simple compliance and instead aims to make DEI part of the DNA of Speedinvest. The strategy rests upon expanding our role as a leader in European VC by actively seeking out and developing relationships with underserved founder and investor networks, market segments and talent pools.

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The Diversity VC Standard

To receive Diversity VC Standard Level 2 certification, defined as "leading the way" in venture capital inclusivity, we implemented concrete policies and best practices to make Speedinvest more accessible and welcoming to people from people of all backgrounds.

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Radia Accelerator

Launched in partnership with Albion VC to support the next generation of female SaaS entrepreneurs. Participants receive access to the networks, knowledge, and peer community needed to launch a SaaS company during an 8-week program delivered by leading operators & investors from major VC funds across Europe.

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Investing in the Future of VC

Speedinvest has pledged €3m to back emerging pre-seed and micro VCs, with at least 50% of the GPs being women or from other traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. By empowering first-time fund managers of diverse backgrounds and geographies through a hands-on learning curriculum focused on building and scaling a first-time fund, we’re bringing much-needed diversification to the tech investment ecosystem in Europe and emerging markets.

Deepali Nangia
Female Founder Outreach
Speedinvest is happy to work with Deepali Nangia to help drive our outreach to underrepresented entrepreneurs, especially within the female founder community.

An outspoken advocate, recognition for her work includes the UK Business Angels Association’s Investor of the Year 2021 award, holding a place on Innovate Finance’s list of Top 35 Women in Fintech 2021, and Diversity UK’s list of Top 5 Investors 2020.

“The Speedinvest team wants to make diversity part of their DNA. Having such support from the top down makes all the difference in bringing systemic change to the VC industry.”

Would you like to join us?

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Strategic Partnerships

Speedinvest’s DEI strategy is based on actively tapping into the potential of historically underserved networks, specifically women, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, and people with disabilities. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to get info on events from Speedinvest and our partners that support these communities.

Talent is Everywhere.
Let's open our doors to it.

To prove our commitment to the very simple idea that all people deserve access to opportunity, we've taken a close look at ourselves and started making changes for the better.

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