Network & Portfolio Support

More than just a VC platform

Our mission is to accelerate your company’s growth from Seed to Series A and beyond.

At Speedinvest, founder support is a fund-wide effort. Every employee shares their knowledge with our portfolio companies. We also proactively connect you to Europe’s largest network of experienced founders, industry leaders, and operational experts who provide you with relevant and value-adding assistance.

Let us take some of the weight off of your shoulders so you can focus on what matters most.

We actively connect you with the people, capital, and know-how you need to scale your company:

With more than 500 founders in our portfolio, and even more in our global network, we actively introduce you to experienced entrepreneurs in your industry who openly share their successes and failures — supplying you with a shortcut to success. 

Access our growing pool of top-notch talent and vetted executive search firms to build a best-in-class team.

We also introduce you to the HR experts you need to develop a strong company culture, set up ESOP, salary structure, and more.

Leveraging our European-wide corporate program, we facilitate mutually beneficial connections with leading corporations that result in customer acquisition, business partnerships, and expansion opportunities.

Backed by our global network of top-tier angels, strategic investors, and later-stage VC funds, we connect you to world-class investors to secure follow-on funding.

To ensure you're fully prepared, we help you tighten your storyline, optimize your pitch deck, and organize practice pitches with our investors. 

After helping strategically announce your first fundraise and connecting you with the media outlets you need to know, we introduce you to PR & brand pros who can support with long-term communications planning and execution.

From CEOs to market leaders across the globe, our friends are your advisors.

We bring you face-to-face with experts and experienced operators you need to know: lawyers, grant advisors, sales and marketing coaches, recruiters, and many more.

Every startup has to build a toolkit from scratch, but where do you begin?

We bring you exclusive discounts and perks with tool providers across the stack to save you time and money and increase your productivity.

Your Portfolio Success Team

While founder support is a fund-wide effort at Speedinvest, our Portfolio Success team is on-hand to ensure that the right people, resources, and information are delivered quickly and of the highest quality.

Our Commitment to Your Success

Adding real value as a VC is not easy. It takes a lot of time, effort, resources, and focus on high-impact areas where founders find themselves stuck or without the in-house resources required to do something on their own. 

Delivering tangible, impactful, and measurable support – far beyond the usual “VC marketing speech” – was the founding idea of Speedinvest. It remains our top priority.

We’re constantly working on scalable ways to connect our founders with relevant experts, advisors, and potential customers, using the latest technology and our unmatched database to make it happen. 

Stay tuned!

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“Intros to players in our market helped us get to product-market fit much faster which then led to us landing €11M in Series A follow-on. Since then, we’ve grown the team to 60+ people.”

David Hahn

Founder & CEO, Remberg

“The Portfolio Success team are great and highly motivated. They are actively and continuously supporting us on several important topics. Their expertise in hiring, active sourcing, interviewing candidates, and compensation is helping us find the perfect candidates. I am looking forward to more collaboration."

Felix Heinricy

Founder & COO, Resourcify

“With access to Speedinvest's powerful network and their industry knowledge on one of the most competitive corporate landscapes, we feel confident about our plans to launch in the US.”

Yannis Niebelschütz

Founder & CEO, CoachHub

“When launching a B2B enterprise software, introductions are essential, but few people really want to vouch for you without a strong brand or strong customer base. Speedinvest has provided us with plenty of these intros, which really helped us sharpen our value proposition and win our first customers.”

Lennart Hinrich

Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, TWAICE

“We chose Speedinvest because of its operating VC model and the support we would receive from their Portfolio Success team. We have not been disappointed.”

Dave Emnett

Co-Founder & COO, OZÉ

“Speedinvest has an incredible network of funds and other portfolio companies globally that they generously give access to when needed. Overall, they truly understand the fast-changing nature of early-stage start-ups and put founders at the center of their products and services, including leading the way on topics such as diversity and wellbeing. “

Mikela Druckman

Co-Founder and CEO, Greyparrot

"Throughout our Series A fundraise, Speedinvest proactively engaged their network of top-tier VCs in meaningful conversations about Smiler which resulted in very valuable introductions. With the support of Speedinvest, we raised a $8.5 million Series A with incredible investors, despite fundraising in an economic downturn."

Kasper Middelkoop

Founder & CEO, Smiler

"With the support of Speedinvest's communications team, we were able to create a high-quality PR campaign and media outreach strategy that ultimately exceeded our goals, resulting in both strong media coverage and inbound interest from potential clients and partners."

Florent Baarsch

Founder, Finres

“The Portfolio Success team are integral advisors to our product-led growth strategy. They're giving us world-class guidance on how leading companies hop over key growth hurdles that we're facing. But more importantly, they've helped us shape our data environment; it's empowered our team to make their own breakthrough discoveries about our users' needs."

Jon Witt

Founder & CEO, Stotles

“Speedinvest Connect is truly the best founder event I have ever personally attended. I’m looking forward to the next one!”

Tobias Pohl

Founder & CEO, Celus