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A fundamental area of our lives is getting a long overdue update: health.

Traditionally dominated by complex and complicated systems and resistant to change, the adoption of digital health solutions is now at an inflection point. Customers expect to be in control of their well-being the same way they are in other areas of their lives.

From digital therapeutics (DTx) to back office infrastructure and beyond, this new generation of healthcare requires fresh perspectives. Our mission is to find, fund and support the innovative companies leading the way.

Initial ticket size

€100k - 2m

We invest in

Pre-Seed & Seed stage startups

Health experts

We began investing in health tech before it was cool. We’ve worked for governments, health providers, and have dived deeper into Europe’s landscape than anyone else. We understand what you do and we know how to get you where you need to be.

Growth partners

We’ve built one of the most interesting digital health portfolios in Europe - supporting our founders from pre-Seed and beyond. Having invested from SaaS to Marketplaces and Fintech, we help develop and grow digital health platforms with strong product-market fit.

Relevant Network

Our large and growing network is at your service. From insurance and governments to focused digital health funds and successful health scale-ups, we connect you with the people you need to succeed.

Our Portfolio

Nilo Health
Seqera Labs
The Lowdown
Bloom Diagnostics
Second Nature
Five Lives

“When we raised our first, institutional Seed round, Speedinvest was a natural choice: Building a SaaS-enabled B2B marketplace, we couldn’t think of a better long-term, strategic partner. They believed in our vision before it was mainstream and share our belief that technology is the most powerful weapon we have in the fight for our planet’s future.”

Anna Alex
Co-Founder, Planetly

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“From the first meeting, we knew we wanted Speedinvest as partners. Their experience in the European start-up ecosystem is unparalleled, which when combined with their support and network, makes an attractive USP. But it is the long-term relationships with the team and Arnaud in particular that make Speedinvest a truly valuable partner."

Evan Floden
CEO & Founder, Seqera Labs

"Speedinvest is a committed partner, passionate about our cause and proactive on many fronts, from strategy, to hiring and PR. Thank you Markus, Yang, and the rest of the Speedinvest team for helping us win."

Kenneth Schlenker
Founder & CEO, Opal

"Speedinvest backed us from the very beginning of our journey and have never failed to show up with their network, advice, and conviction. Four years and counting with them behind us, and I hope they are with us through the IPO."

Chris Edson
Founder & CEO, Second Nature