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We believe the next decade will be transformational for healthcare and life sciences. 

Advances in computing, technology, and biology are compounding at a dizzying pace. The case for change has never been clearer, yet healthcare remains one of the least digitized sectors of the economy. 

We get excited about founders who are laying the foundation for a more connected and data-driven ecosystem. Those enabling a future that is more personalized,  preventative, and predictive. 

If you’re working on core healthcare or life sciences infrastructure or solutions that can dramatically move the needle on access, costs, or outcomes in areas such as home health, back office automation, clinical trials tech, AI-enabled R&D, pharma and provider software tools, let’s talk!

Initial ticket size

€300K - 2M

We invest in

Pre-Seed & Seed stage startups

Health & TechBio Focused

We have one of the largest and most exciting digital health & TechBio portfolios in Europe. We back bold, visionary founders at the earliest stages of their journey and aspire to be your first call.

Relevant, Real-World Experience

We have built and scaled health & bio startups, practiced medicine, and studied physics, biology & engineering. We get what you do, the “chaos” of the earliest stages, and are obsessed with helping you build, scale, and succeed.

Large & Expanding Network

From our advisors to VCs, experienced founders, providers, payors, and pharma, we connect you with the people you need to succeed. If we don’t have a connection yet, we will hustle with you to find it.

Our Portfolio

Seqera Labs
Orakl Oncology
The Lowdown
Nilo Health
Five Lives
Bloom Diagnostics
Second Nature

“Intros to players in our market helped us get to product-market fit much faster which then led to us landing 11M in Series A follow-on. Since then, we’ve grown the team to 60+ people.”

David Hahn
Founder & CEO, Remberg

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Health Advisory Circle

Leading health and TechBio experts at your disposal.

Dr. Penny Dash
Dr. Penny Dash
Keith Gibbs
Keith Gibbs
Dr. Yacine Hadjiat
Dr. Yacine Hadjiat
Dr. Namshik Han
Dr. Namshik Han
Dr. Sven Jungmann
Dr. Sven Jungmann
Dr. Anne Phelan
Dr. Anne Phelan

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“It was so clear and gratifying that Speedinvest had high conviction in Fertifa’s vision and team from the start. The firm's deep expertise and collective years' of experience in both health and fintech means they're the ideal fit for us and our ambitions. Additionally, their culture of "ride or die" support, hustle and no BS makes us incredibly grateful to count them as a partner.”

Eileen Burbidge MBE
Director, Fertifa

"Speedinvest is a committed partner, passionate about our cause and proactive on many fronts, from strategy, to hiring and PR. Thank you Markus, Yang, and the rest of the Speedinvest team for helping us win."

Kenneth Schlenker
Founder & CEO, Opal

"We didn't just want capital, we wanted investors who are aligned with our values and share our vision for the future of healthcare. Speedinvest have been that partner from day 1."

Martin Ratz
Co-Founder, Doccla

“From the first meeting, we knew we wanted Speedinvest as partners. Their experience in the European start-up ecosystem is unparalleled, which when combined with their support and network, makes an attractive USP. But it is the long-term relationships with the team that make Speedinvest a truly valuable partner."

Evan Floden
CEO & Founder, Seqera Labs

"Speedinvest backed us from the very beginning of our journey and have never failed to show up with their network, advice, and conviction. Six years and counting with them behind us, and I hope they are with us through the IPO."

Chris Edson
Founder & CEO, Second Nature