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Communications Strategy for Startups From Our Network of Experts

March 6, 2024


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Founders are focused first and foremost on building their businesses and getting their startups off the ground. Then, it’s all about fundraising and creating FOMO with follow-on investors. But to drive that interest, you have to get people talking about your startup.

This is where communications strategy and planning come into play. A solid comms strategy covers everything from writing a press release to getting media attention, developing your brand, and being prepared for a potential crisis –– none of which are likely on your priority list at the beginning.

With over 300 portfolio companies across six sectors and throughout Europe, we know first-hand that comms can sometimes be a bit of an afterthought for founders. You’re too busy building to be talking. That’s why we’ve started the conversation for you by partnering with communications experts to help break down the essentials for you to use in your own communications strategy.

Table of Contents

How to write a press release

Launching your tech startup and securing pre-seed or seed funding is exciting. But navigating the PR landscape can be daunting. That’s why we spoke with seasoned communications professional, Tom Lawrence, to share his key tips on how to write a press release.

Tom Lawrence is the founder of MVPR, a company that automates traditional PR services for more than 85 European companies. With nine years of experience elevating startup profiles globally and platform partners like Speedinvest and Octopus, Tom knows what the essentials are for crafting a press release.

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How to get media coverage

Media coverage is highly sought after by every startup and investor –– and we’re no exception. Who wouldn’t want front-page coverage of their startup’s latest funding round or investment? But to land that coverage, understanding the current media landscape is more crucial than ever before.

Founders need to know the specific rounds and preferred story types different journalists and media outlets cover. Martin SFP Bryant, ex-Editor-in-Chief of The Next Web and creator of PreSeed Now, offers guidance for seed-stage startups. Drawing on over a decade of experience with European startups, his comprehensive guide explores tactics, potential pitfalls, and strategies to secure coverage in English-language media — an invaluable resource for those aspiring to feature prominently in the startup and investor arena.

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How to prepare for a media interview

After securing press interest for your funding round, the next challenge is acing the interview. To refine your messaging and captivate your audience without overwhelming them, Patricia Allen, Editorial Director at EU-Startups, offers valuable, actionable advice to early-stage startup founders. 

With a focus on impact-driven innovation, Patricia guides founders on how to prepare for a media interview, emphasizing the art of distilling your startup's essence into engaging sound bites. From unlocking the interview to enhancing communication skills, her tips empower founders to shine in the media spotlight, ensuring a compelling narrative that resonates with both journalists and audiences.

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How to build a brand

Establishing a company's brand identity often follows the business idea. But early-stage startup founders may wonder when to prioritize branding and allocate resources. 

Saskia Ketz, founder of a branding studio and Mojomox, an online logo builder for startups, shares her top tips on: The brand visuals you really need to get the ball rolling; How much you should spend on brand identity at the beginning; and who from your team should be involved in the process.

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What is crisis communication?

Understanding crisis communications is crucial for founders. Bad press poses a daunting, and at times, insurmountable challenge. Acknowledging the need for a plan, even when the prospect seems unlikely, is essential. Wishing away issues won't suffice, yet panicking isn't the answer either. 

Michael Hoare from Kekst, a global strategic communications firm, provides a step-by-step guide to crisis handling. With expertise in crisis management, national security, and geopolitics, Michael offers invaluable insights on distinguishing genuine crises that demand communication from regular problems or issues, emphasizing the importance of a strategic approach in navigating challenging situations.

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