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Europe's Leadership in Climate Tech

March 9, 2021


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Digital technologies are a critical enabler for attaining the sustainability goals of The Green Deal in many different sectors.

- The EU Green Deal

We at Speedinvest and Creandum couldn’t agree more.

Across Europe, we are observing the emergence of a flood of innovative businesses that promise to have a positive impact on the climate. In the process, they are taking advantage of substantial business opportunities and contributing to our economies at large. Taken together, these trends are positioning Europe to be a global leader in Climate Tech.

Bridging the Gap Between The European Green Deal and Climate Tech Innovators  

Europe published The European Green Deal in 2019 - a set of policy initiatives to turn climate and environmental challenges into growth opportunities with the overarching aim to make the EU’s economy sustainable. That means zero net greenhouse gas emissions across the continent by 2050. 

The Green Deal defines initiatives across eight pillars. These pillars include sustainable building/renovation, energy, clean & circular economy, smart mobility, food, biodiversity, zero pollution and sustainable finance.

Together we took a closer look at these pillars and their action plans in detail (check out the Green Deal’s Roadmap here for more inspiration) and realized that each pillar was already opening up a multitude of startup and investment opportunities. Our combined mission is to spotlight these opportunities and inspire startups to take advantage of them, thereby further cementing Europe’s role as a global leader in the effort to defeat the climate crisis.

This is why Speedinvest and Creandum teamed up to build the largest landscape of European Climate Tech ventures. 

Europe’s Most Comprehensive Climate Tech List - Do you want to be on it? 

We’ve done the initial legwork and identified more than 900 Climate Tech companies across Europe. Now we need your help! 

Until the 31st of March, we are crowdsourcing a list of Climate Tech ventures across Europe in line with the pillars fleshed out in the European Green Deal. The final result will be the most comprehensive market map of the sector.

You can view our current list - which will be updated on an ongoing basis - HERE.

Are you a Climate Tech startup and want to be added to the list? Please submit your information HERE.

If you would like to request changes to the list or want to share your ideas, please reach out to andreas@speedinvest.com or ines@creandum.com.

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