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Just Ship It: Our Investment in Qovery

September 28, 2021

Today's developers can choose from a vast ecosystem of tools and the most powerful infrastructure is just a few command line calls (or clicks) away. But with all that choice and the ever increasing offerings by Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, such as Amazon Web Services, dev teams need to spend a growing amount of time managing this complexity, time that would be better spent on building their products.

Qovery to the rescue

That’s where Qovery comes in. Qovery lets developers deploy full stack applications to the cloud with the simplicity of a Platform as a Service (PaaS), but with the ability to deploy into their own IaaS accounts, such as Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Scaleway and the Google Cloud Platform in an upcoming release. It initializes, configures, and manages the entire infrastructure, integrates seamlessly with both GitHub and GitLab, and requires zero effort without locking teams into a specific PaaS - all while keeping the full flexibility and customizability of their IaaS provider.

We’re obsessed with making developers super-productive, letting them focus on what they love: writing code, not managing infrastructure.

Romaric Philogène, Co-Founder & CEO, Qovery

With Qovery, developers simply pick their repository, push their code, and their app is deployed. Services can be managed via the Qovery web app or the command line interface (CLI) without fiddling with the intricacies of infrastructure, network, system or databases.

When deploying in cloud environments, it's easy to spend a lot of time dealing with the details of managing the various cloud services involved. Qovery takes care of these details, saves you time and lets you focus on what makes the difference: your applications.

Alexis Lê-Quôc, Qovery user & Co-Founder/CTO, Datadog

Since its launch in 2019, Qovery has attracted more than 10,000 developers in more than 120 countries with the promise of simplifying app deployment on AWS. They just launched support for Digital Ocean and Scaleway and plan to support Google Cloud Platform before the end of the year.

Making developers’ lives easier since 2019

Romaric, Pierre, and the Qovery team dedicate their days (and nights) to making life easier for developers and they will not rest until every developer can just ship their product without wasting time on infrastructure.

We are excited to back Qovery on their mission, along with Krishna Visvanathan at Crane and an awesome lineup of angels, including Alexis Lê-Quôc (Co-Founder/CTO, Datadog) and Ott Kaukver (CTO, Checkout.com & former CTO, Twilio). We look forward to Qovery changing the way developers think about their infrastructure, so they can focus on developing and shipping the best applications.

For more, read about Qovery in TechCrunch, visit their website (and follow them on Twitter), email me, find me on LinkedIn, or hit me up on Twitter.

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