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Live Monitoring of Supply Chain Disruptions Caused by COVID-19

April 2, 2020


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Arnaud Bakker

Prewave’s real-time Coronavirus Disruption Map reveals broken supply chains in heavily impacted areas using AI, data from news media reports, social media messages, and announcements from industry and logistics companies in over 50 languages.

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COVID-19 continues to majorly disrupt global supply chains. Closed factories and delayed deliveries have become the norm in the fallout to the worldwide health crisis. In response, Speedinvest portfolio company, Prewave, has built and launched a global “Coronavirus Disruption Map” free to the public.

As seen above, the real-time map shows the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic in supply chains in industrial hotspots across the world, including China, the USA, India, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Great Britain.

The map’s live warnings and interruption alerts are generated using AI, including live analysis of media reports on the spread of the Coronavirus. Changes in “stay-at-home” and quarantine orders are also taken into account to predict potential risk areas.

Harald Nitschinger, Co-Founder of Prewave, says, “In this crisis, everyone can make a contribution, which is why we made our Coronavirus Disruption Map available for free to the general public. Up-to-date information and transparency are incredibly important for companies, and that is exactly what we offer — fast, focused, real-time reports.”

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Prewave collaborates with major companies from the automotive, chemical, metal and electronics industries and is currently receiving an increase of inquiries requesting a better overview of their supply chains. The team rushed to build a beta version of the map to meet the growing demand.

Lisa Smith, Co-Founder of Prewave, says, “With the Coronavirus Disruption Map, we are now able to make major problem areas in the global supply chain fully visible, which will help our partners, customers and communities overcome this crisis.”

You can view the real-time Coronavirus Disruption Map here.

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