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Making Payroll Data Accessible For a Fairer Financial System: Our Investment in Rollee

Income and employment status are key factors in all decisions financial institutions make when servicing their retail clients. It represents the real “ability to pay” from the consumer end. On the other end, it is fair to say that we are evolving into a more and more fragmented employment economy, where income often comes from various sources, countries or currencies. Today, both incumbent financial institutions and “neo players” have a very peripheral overview of payroll data, as these pieces of information are not easily (or at all) accessible.

The result: Many consumers are being locked out of financial products and services because there is no seamless middle layer to provide nor validate employment and income information.

Starting from this premise, we have a strong conviction that a universal access to payroll data holds immense promise for lenders, insurers, neobanks, employers, and B2B fintech companies in distinct and interesting ways. 

Enter Rollee.

Empowering the gig economy

The Paris-based startup launched in 2021 with a mission to unlock and democratize access to employment data. They decided to start by covering gig workers and freelancers and then extended their platform to permanent workers.

The startup is already working with clients from various industries: neobanks, accountants, insurance companies, or car fleet managers. In just nine months, Rollee has reached 90%+ coverage of gig-economy platforms across two countries and continues to integrate other payroll providers at scale.

Rollee's solution allows them to modernize employment data collection and make their decision process more inclusive. And it does it in such a way so that employees always need to provide consent for access to that data.

"Too many people are still excluded from financial services because of their working status. As their income comes from different sources, several companies qualify their situation as unstable. Our ambition is to stop those prejudices by bringing clarity to their income and activities, and thus help financial services make more inclusive decisions", explains Ali Hamriti, CEO and co-Founder of Rollee.

So today, thanks to Rollee, any business can connect with a best-in-class API to access employment records across Europe with a simple user flow.

A skilled and experienced team

The founders of Rollee are uniquely suited to take on this massive opportunity. Rollee’s CEO, Ali Hamriti, has spent his career in data science. He previously headed up data and risk at Ditto Bank, building the credit scoring models for SMBs and freelancers. Rollee’s CTO, Thomas Godart, is a seasoned engineer having developed 15 software applications (at 100%) over 18 years of software engineering in Europe and the US. COO Pierrick Legrand has spent the majority of his career in commercial and operations roles in the software industry.

We are thrilled to partner with Rollee along with our friends at Seedcamp and 20VC.

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