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The Access Layer for the Decentralized Economy: Our Investment in Unstoppable Finance

By now everyone has heard of Web3 and Decentralized Finance (aka. DeFi). The crypto space has fast grown into a trillion-dollar industry mainly centered around the trading of digital assets. DeFi reinvents banking services such as lending and borrowing, as well as asset exchanges by utilizing self-executing software protocols which don't rely on centralized intermediaries. While it’s relatively easy to trade digital assets on centralized exchanges (such as Coinbase or Bitpanda), accessing DeFi is complex even for those of us with deep technical expertise. Most importantly, users have to take custody of their digital assets themselves, which requires setting up a wallet, learning how to interact with different networks, taking care of token approvals, signing transactions, and managing their private key(s). This is an extremely high bar that becomes especially obvious when helping new users with their first steps in Web3.

Entering the world of DeFi gives users access to an entire new digital economy consisting of a wide spectrum of financial services, digital art & collectibles (NFTs), play-to-earn games and other decentralized products, but existing wallets are clunky and have a terrible user experience, so users either give up or end up making costly mistakes. Unstoppable Finance is here to change that.

Meet Unstoppable Finance

The Unstoppable Finance team has set out to fix the access layer to Web3. Their mission is to build a simple and intuitive wallet in order to democratize access to the decentralized economy for people around the world, irrespective of their technical knowledge, wealth and abilities.

“The pace of innovation that we’re witnessing in DeFi is astonishing but using crypto wallets to discover and invest in the right products in this space still poses a significant challenge, especially for less tech-savvy investors.”

- Maximilian von Wallenberg-Pachaly, Co-Founder & CEO, Unstoppable Finance

Unstoppable Finance is building a consumer-grade non-custodial DeFi wallet that is as easy to use as a top-in-class neobank app, but truly global and decentralized in nature. They aim to become the single entry point for consumers to access the decentralized economy and a one-stop-shop for trading, high-yield savings, gaming, NFTs, identity and other Web3 services, all bundled in an intuitive native mobile product.

Consumer-grade non-custodial wallets are one of the core building blocks to allow DeFi to scale to a billion users around the world and to facilitate the formation of a better, fairer and more transparent way to exchange value globally.

“We strongly believe that the super apps of tomorrow will be non-custodial DeFi wallets that have the potential to contain your entire digital identity.”

- Peter Grosskopf, Co-Founder & CTO, Unstoppable Finance

This is by no means an easy task, requiring as much engineering work under the hood as on the interface level. At Speedinvest we look at the Web3 space both as a part of the infra stack to build new and exciting applications as well as a next generation of finance products – it’s not a coincidence that Unstoppable Finance is a joint investment of our SaaS & Infra and Fintech teams.

It’s all about the team

A vision as bold as this would be nothing without the right team to see it through. Maximilian, Peter and Omid are Fintech and Crypto veterans, having previously worked together to turn Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange into one of Germany’s leading crypto exchanges and Peter being the former CTO of Solarisbank.

We are excited to back Unstoppable Finance, along with Alexander Lange at Inflection, Alex Brunicki and Pascal Suhrcke at Backed VC, Kumar Dandapani and Alexander Hoeptner at Cadenza, Anil Hansjee at Fabric Ventures, Viktor Fischer and Marek Sandrik at Rockaway Blockchain Fund and well known angels from the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystem, Centrifuge and Fractal. We’re looking forward to the journey to onboard the next billion people to DeFi.

For more visit Unstoppable Finance (and follow them on Twitter), email me, DM me on LinkedIn, or hit me up on Twitter.

What's the media saying about Unstoppable Finance? Read more from Finance Forward (in German).

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