Open Source

At Speedinvest, we believe in the pivotal role that open-source projects play in accelerating technological advancements. That's why our SaaS & Infra investment team has put together this list dedicated to monitoring the top 10 open source projects shaping the tech landscape, updated on a monthly basis.

We also curated an index of open-source databases, providing you with a comprehensive overview of this ecosystem.

Trending OS Projects

On a monthly basis, we track the trending open source projects on Github and rank them according to our Methodology.

OS Database Index

We track a curated list of active open-source databases with more than 1000 Github stars. 


Using Github’s API, we collect data and filter out non-technical projects. For every repository, we look into two key growth metrics that we consider useful in identifying fast-growing projects: Stars and Pull Requests creation. 

While providing a somewhat superficial measure, Stars offer valuable insights into a project's popularity and the attention it receives – serving as an indicator of the excitement surrounding it. We go deeper by analyzing interaction with projects, known as pull requests, which measure not just the attention received but also genuine developer interest in contributing to the project. 

Our methodology involves calculating a weighted average of these two metrics, enabling us to paint a picture of the popularity of projects over the past month.

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