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Ozé enables micro-SMEs to keep track of their records, receivables and payables, issue invoices and receipts, process payments, and even get access to credit.

Despite merchants and micro-SMEs forming the pillars on which West African economies stand, these businesses have been overwhelmingly ignored and neglected by mobile-based financial service providers. Ozé helps capture, analyze and improve the performance of business owners in Ghana and Nigeria with the ambition to become a pan-African player.

Through their digital accounting system, which enables users to keep track of their records, AR and AP and get access to credit, Ozé users are able to operate like large businesses and, therefore, empowers micro-SMEs to grow and scale far beyond their current reach. Having partnered with the region’s biggest banks, SME banks and local fintechs, Ozé is able to provide its users with products from traditional financial institutions but with the seamless interface and usability of a social media platform.

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