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Revio is a unified payments orchestration and revenue operations platform for emerging markets. Through a single API, businesses can collect revenue globally with locally optimized payment methods and smart routing and workflows to reduce payment failures and churn.

Revio helps businesses reduce payment failures and recover earned revenue. Founded in 2020, the platform increases customer retention and lifetime value, through payment orchestration and data-driven revenue recovery.  Based on the unique insight that ‘there’s more to getting paid than accepting payments,’ Revio offers an all-in-one platform that businesses can use to accept multiple payment methods, reduce failed payments, and trigger automated interactions with end users to recover revenue and reduce churn. 

Combined with real-time customer segmentation and analysis, this capability can help businesses increase their customer lifetime value and direct effort toward the customers with the highest return on investment. In just one year of trading, Revio has landed 50+ customers, including large enterprise clients in the insurance, fitness, and telco sectors. 

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