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Yolda.com is a “Digital Logistics Operator” that aims to improve logistics operation processes and lead digitalization efforts in the sector with in-house developed technologies and solutions.

Turkey-based freight tech startup Yolda.com started it’s journey in 2020 with the aim of being the leading freight Tech startup in Europe. We manage the entire logistics operation end-to-end for our B2B business partners. Yolda.com matches freight shipments with available independent carriers to provide fast, cost-effective transport for businesses of all sizes and our model supports individual carriers by opening up new business opportunities for them through our platform.

We specialize in ‘less than truckload’ (LTL) shipments, harnessing sharing economy dynamics. Through consolidating loads from multiple shippers and making the most of each truck’s capacity, we help our business partners in reducing logistics costs and carbon footprint of the end-to-end freight journey.

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