Audrey Handem

Audrey Handem


Based in our London office, Audrey is an investor on our SaaS & Infra team.

Prior to joining Speedinvest, Audrey worked as a Life Science venture debt consultant for the European Investment Bank where she did market research and evaluation of the technical viability of investment projects.

Audrey holds a Bachelor and Master of Science in Neuroscience from Cardiff University, and following a growing interest in the startup ecosystem, she decided to pursue a Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the London School of Economics. 

Over her lifetime, Audrey has lived in the USA, Caribbean, Italy, Luxembourg, the UK and learned to speak four languages fluently. Her diverse background fuels her endless curiosity and excitement to explore new ecosystems and topics.

In her spare time, Audrey is a member of 10x10, a UK-based association aiming to diversify the startup ecosystem, where she volunteers as a mentor to support underrepresented groups in the startup scene. 

Audrey also loves traveling, hiking and other sports including yoga, cardio and she used to be a semi-professional swimmer.

Audrey Handem