Cara van Riet

Cara van Riet

Head of Operations

Cara’s love for travel and continual desire to learn about other cultures has motivated her to live and work all over the world, including the US, London and Amsterdam. Passionate about sustainability and efficiency, she approaches problem solving with creativity and clear communication.

An avid film photographer, Cara is always interested in how others see the world, a curiosity that pushes her to constantly try and see things from different perspectives. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, she now calls Berlin her home.

While studying for a business degree, Cara discovered her creative passion, leading her to pursue studies in Fine Art. After graduating, she found the perfect company, Orms, that allowed her to work with artists while still honing her business skills. 

Having joined the company before a vital and exponential growth phase, this opportunity afforded her hands-on experience in business and product development, brand management and operations.

For more than eight years, her contribution was one of the main drivers behind the achievements of key KPIs and the successful overhaul of failing business modules. This experience places Cara at the heart of Speedinvest’s mission to help startups navigate this same journey.

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Cara van Riet

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