Estelle Botbol

Estelle Botbol


Estelle is an Associate in SpeedInvest's Health team and looking for exciting companies in the Digital Health space. 

Prior to joining SpeedInvest, Estelle worked at Inkef, a VC-fund specialized in Technology and Healthcare. During her time there, she re-designed the investment thesis in Digital Health with a sector-focused approach involving both teams. Before entering the VC world, she co-founded a start-up called Nanoshield developing nanomaterials for medical devices. Estelle completed her Master’s degree in Biotechnology at Imperial College London and her Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences at McGill University. 

Outside of work, Estelle is a songwriter, piano composer and sings in a Funk & Disco band called The Voyagers. From time to time, you can stumble across her band in a small bar or stage somewhere in Paris…

'Cultivate your pinch of madness, re-imagine the world and take that idea outside your shower!'

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Estelle Botbol

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