Jennifer Wein

Jennifer Wein

Head of People

Jennifer is a passionate people person. Her interest in providing an excellent employee experience and her ongoing desire to work in a vibrant, dynamic and forward-thinking environment has led her to join Speedinvest as People Manager. 

As People Manager, Jennifer is responsible for supporting employees at every stage of their employee lifecycle - from onboarding to offboarding, from recruitment to learning and development, from compensation and benefits to employee satisfaction. She is committed to making every employee’s journey a pleasant experience and to helping Speedinvest grow as a whole.

Having had the intrinsic motivation to understand and support people from a young age, she acquired a Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management and a Master’s degree in Psychology. Additionally, Jennifer draws on her previous work experience from top renowned employers, where she gained a deep understanding of a plethora of HR topics. 

At the Boston Consulting Group she led the Recruiting and Employer Branding activities to attract top talent for Austria. At Deloitte she travelled around the world to develop strategies and implement these for companies in the areas of organizational change, communication, learning, training and development, as well as operational HR.

Jennifer mostly enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and is always open for an adventure. She especially loves hiking, since it is the perfect mix of sharing breathtaking experiences with others, while also finding tranquility.

"Building deep and meaningful relationships is one of the greatest superpowers we as humans have."

Jennifer Wein

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Jennifer Wein

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