Lukas Slameczka

Lukas Slameczka

Senior Legal Counsel & Attorney at Law

As an Attorney at Law admitted to the Austrian Bar and one of Speedinvest’s lawyers, Lukas regularly advises Speedinvest and its funds on portfolio transactions. Lukas enjoys getting to grips with the details of complex transactions and providing clear and hands-on legal advice. His work supports Speedinvest’s aim for a fast and smooth transaction process.

He has a broad set of skills stemming from his Master’s degree in Business Law from the University of Economics in Vienna, five years in the corporate law and M&A world in one of Austria’s largest law firms, as well as several work stays in China.

Lukas is passionate about constant improvement and innovation and can add value to transactions through his extensive knowledge and thorough, fast and persistent working style. Off work, Lukas is an enthusiastic guitar player and concert-goer. He enjoys bouldering, yoga sessions and frequently travels the world, capturing scenic memories with his worn Nikon D7000.

Being one of Speedinvest’s legal advisors is all about providing top-grade legal advice and getting the deal done.

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Lukas Slameczka

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