Maximilian Wilhelm

Maximilian Wilhelm


Max is an investor with the Marketplaces & Consumer investment team based in his hometown, Munich.

Having worked in the fields of data analytics, marketplaces, real estate and the automotive industry before joining Speedinvest, Max is hunting for the most exciting early-stage marketplace and platform startups across industries.

Over the years, Max has lived in France, the UK, Italy and Spain. He has a strong passion for foreign languages, speaking four fluently. His time abroad has fuelled his curiosity to explore and understand the nuances of each ecosystem and its people.

Max holds a Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from ESADE (Spain) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Management from unibz (Italy). He loves football and going on road trips and has a guilty pleasure for Bavarian food and yogurt.

"Where there is a market, there shall be a platform!"

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Maximilian Wilhelm

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