Tyrza Nanlohij

Tyrza Nanlohij

Senior Operations Manager

Tyrza was born in the Netherlands but, given her love for traveling and curiosity to learn about different cultures, she has been living abroad since 2014 - in China, Germany, Spain and the UK.

Tyrza’s passion for startups and technology started in Berlin in 2015 when she worked for Fintech startup OptioPay. It was reinforced during her time at swiftscale in London, where she engaged with startup founders, investors and corporate executives on a daily basis.

She is now Senior Operations Manager at SpeedInvest, based out of the Berlin office. Tyrza loves to create operational efficiencies, find new tools to increase productivity and support others along the way.

Tyrza is a true Dutchie in the sense that she is very direct, yet always honest and she’s a very enthusiastic individual with a big smile on her face every day.

Always appreciate the little things in life!

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Tyrza Nanlohij

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