Werner Zahnt

Werner Zahnt

Partner, Corporate Development

With more than 15 years of experience in the mobile content, application and messaging sectors, Werner has gained deep product management and engineering experience paired with thorough financial expertise.

As a curious and hard-working university student, Werner was COO of Sysis, an MES service provider with a broad network of clients throughout the manufacturing industry. As a co-founder, Werner played a decisive role in turning Sysis’s focus towards mobile. This came to pass in 2004 with the formation of 3united, a three-way merger that created a top European player in mobile content.

In early 2006, 3united was acquired by VeriSign for € 55m. Building on his experience from this success story, Werner performs startup due diligence and engages in Speedinvest’s financial and product management.

“YOUR success keeps me on the go at day and awake at night. I can still tell you crazy stories about the early dot.com bubble days and the Bay Area.”

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