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Break Into the US Market: Our US Expansion Guide for Founders

April 28, 2021


Daniela Caserotto-Leibert

US expansion benefits are clear. How do you break into the market?  

For founders with global ambitions, the US is one of the natural first choices for an expansion as the US provides the largest consumer market and the 2nd largest economy in the world. The US, particularly California, is still the most active tech acquisition and investor market in the world. The US venture capital industry continued to lead with a $135.6 billion investment in US-based companies by the end of 2019, surpassing the $130 billion mark for two consecutive years. As the second largest economy, representing 25% of all Global Fortune 500 companies, opportunities seem endless. 

However, despite years of diplomacy and cross-cultural exchange between Europe and the US, the startup ecosystems in these two continents are still very different. There are several nuances that can make or break your startup’s path to success. For that reason, it is vitally important to develop a clear and customized go-to-market strategy that’s based on a lot of research, planning and support from trusted partners.

Download our "Expanding to the US" guide below.

As making the leap across the Atlantic is a defining moment in your startup’s story, the US Business Development team at Speedinvest brings you a top-line, sequential guide to help you gain a clearer picture of when you’ll be ready to enter the US and what to consider beforehand. This thought-provoking guide will also help you identify blind spots in your strategy before you take first crucial steps before entering the US.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify market opportunities and investment trends in various parts of the US
  • Understand how doing business in the US is different from Europe
  • Reflect on both your personal and business acumen to ensure the timing is right
  • Know your competition, evaluate product-market fit (PMF) and strategize your go-to-market (GTM)
  • Determine whether you should reincorporate in the US and research all things legal
  • Start looking into visa and immigration requirements early for yourself and the team
  • Analyse the pros and cons of various accelerator programs and hiring on the ground  

Expanding to the US Guide

At Speedinvest, we place high emphasis on the success of our founders; both in Europe and the US. With 10 years of office presence in the Bay Area, Speedinvest knows what it takes to win in the US. As part of Speedinvest’s team of operational experts, the US business development team can support throughout the entire US expansion process so founders can focus on their core vision. 

Together with the team, Daniela Caserotto-Leibert, our Head of US Business Development, shares insights and advice for tackling US expansion related questions. The guide is invaluable for any Europe-based founders who have already launched their product, have raised a round and are considering entering the US market. With a list of helpful resources, this guide will ensure you are ready on all fronts prior to your departure.

Download the ‘Expanding to the US’ guide HERE

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