Nadhila Wardhana

Nadhila Wardhana


At Speedinvest, Nadhila is on the lookout for next-gen companies lying in the intersection between healthcare and technology. As an Indonesia native, she also keeps an eye on opportunities in Southeast Asia.

Prior to joining the VC scene, Nadhila gathered her first experiences in a wide range of roles, including investment banking at HSBC, strategy consulting at EY-Parthenon and corporate development at Zalando. 

In addition to her background in business, Nadhila’s curiosity drove her to take full advantage of her studies and cultivated her fascination with tech by taking courses in AI ethics, algorithmic biases and AI governance. She then concluded her Masters’ degree with a published thesis in the European Academy of Management journal, on the implementation of ethical AI and responsible innovation theories in southeast Asian unicorn companies. 

Over the years spent in Europe, Nadhila fell in love with everything renaissance and baroque; from art and theater to philosophy and architecture. Staying true to her childhood hobbies, you’ll also often find her winding down with her guitar or figure skating in the local ice rink. 

"I’m determined to create a more equitable future. I’m searching for founders who are dreaming of building the same."

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Nadhila Wardhana

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