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Ending the climate crisis is only possible if everyone actively reduces their carbon footprints. Technology not only enables us to do this more quickly and effectively, but also often improves our daily lives in the process. That’s why we actively fund the next generation of sustainability-focused startups.

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But our commitment can’t and doesn’t end there. We’ve been carbon neutral since 2019 and continue to review our daily operations to further reduce emissions and offset where we can’t. We're ready to invest the time, energy and capital required to build a more sustainable future for all. Will you join us? 

Carbon Neutral with Planetly

Together with our portfolio company, Planetly, we have audited our operations to calculate our carbon footprint.

Planetly shares our full environmental analysis and the impact of our certified climate offset projects on their website.

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Climate Tech Portfolio

Every single industry has a role to play in Climate Tech innovation, which is why we invest in startups focused on everything from alternative mobility, carbon offsets and industrial waste management, to the circular economy, impact investing, and beyond.


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