Andrea Zitna

Andrea Zitna


Based in our London office, Andrea is an experienced operator turned investor who joined Speedinvest to focus on Health

Andrea is particularly interested in businesses that challenge taboos and re-imagine the status quo. She’s passionate about the impact technology and digitization can have on healthcare access and outcomes. She imagines a future of care that is delivered anytime, anywhere, and is inclusive, personalized and preventative.

Prior to Speedinvest, Andrea was the Chief Revenue Officer at Elvie, an iconic and sector-defining Femtech brand that is also one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe. She joined the founding senior team as employee number four to build all non-product functions of the business. Andrea helped scale Elvie from a pre-revenue startup to a post-Series C business on track to hit $100m in sales in 2021.

Andrea holds a degree in Physics from Oxford and an MBA from Harvard Business School and also held strategy and commercial roles at McKinsey & Company and Nectar. There, she specialized in consumer-facing industries and spent her early years in the high growth CEE region before moving to the UK.

Born in Slovakia, Andrea is the mother of two small humans, a retired dancer and a slow, but enthusiastic runner.

'I understand the romance and reality of building health tech startups and want to support founders in building theirs.'

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