Philip Specht

Philip Specht


Philip began his career as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group where he worked in various industries and set up a social venture of BCG. He later helped with the successful market launch and scaling of a VC funded startup as CCO of the company.

Before joining Speedinvest, Philip wrote a book about “The 50 Most Important Topics of Digitization.” The book aims to help people who are less familiar with the digital space to better understand some of the most fascinating aspects and most pressing challenges of our time.

At Speedinvest, Philip works from the Munich office, but also regularly spends time in the UK, Spain and France. He takes care of multiple portfolio companies, most notably supporting Tier Mobility, Schüttflix and Admix from day one. As a member of the Speedinvest Marketplace & Consumer investment team, Philip has an especially keen interest in startups that focus on sustainability-related topics.

“Being founder-friendly, providing the best support for your startup, and seeing your idea become a big economic castle protected by unbreachable ‘moats’ is our ambition at Speedinvest Network Effects.”

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