Rick Hao

Rick Hao


Passionate about scientific breakthrough technologies and with a desire to support the most scientifically and technologically ambitious ventures, Rick invests in startups that are using deep technologies to solve big and practical problems with technically ambitious solutions. 

Rick leads and manages the firm’s investment thesis in all Deep Tech sectors, including AI, Quantum technologies, Material Science, Cyber Security and Semiconductors. He has led Speedinvest’s investments in Pimloc, PoroTech, Breathe Battery Technologies, Solvo, Cylib, planqc and several other Deep Tech investments.

Rick is driven by intelligent software that leverages machines with data to augment human intelligence. He believes technology can help address some of the world's largest problems, from financial services, healthcare, mobility, robotics, cybersecurity and automation. 

He looks for entrepreneurs who can gather unique data, deliver smart software, and create compounding value for customers. 

Before joining Speedinvest, Rick was a Principal at IQ Capital. There he sourced and led the firm’s investments in early-stage deep tech startups including causaLens, Pangaea Data and several other deep tech investments in Europe. 

Rick attended Edinburgh University, graduating at the top of his cohort with a Master of Computer Science with Distinction. He also received an MBA from Imperial College London.

"I would like to support Deep Tech founders in developing technology and products that most people thought would not work."

Rick Hao

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Rick Hao

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