Markus Lang

Markus Lang


Markus is a partner at Speedinvest in the SaaS & Infra team. He is an operator-turned-founder-turned-VC with 10+ years of experience in running, scaling, and advising tech startups from zero employees to thousands. Markus has written checks to 40+ companies, usually as their first institutional, and more often than not, pre-revenue, product, and sometimes incorporation.

He is particularly excited about B2B applications (Shapr3D, LegalOS, Sona) and API-first players (Impala, Upvest, Gigs), but has also invested into numerous B2C companies (GoStudent, Refurbed, Second Nature) that tackle huge and under-served markets.

Markus is a university drop-out who launched his career founding a venture-backed logistics startup. He’s experienced the peaks and troughs of company building and understands the roller coaster that founders go through.

Staying true to his Austrian roots, Markus loves the Alps both to hike in summer and for ski tours in winter. When he’s not outdoors, he is also a lecturer at Vienna Technical University, serves as an advisor to government institutions & NPOs and has co-founded an initiative to increase diversity in leadership teams.

"Having been an entrepreneur myself, I can relate to the rollercoaster a founder goes through on a daily basis."

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