Hands-on support when you need it

The Platform+ team is here for every founder we invest in from day one. Our in-house experts and global network of operational pros work side by side with your team on value-adding projects. We take some of the weight off your shoulders, so you can focus on executing your core vision.

Grow strategically

Our in-house team, supported by our extensive industry network of entrepreneurs and executives, have first-hand experience guiding companies through every stage of startup expansion. We’re here to do the same for you. 

We help founders develop strong go-to-market strategies, build killer strategic narratives, and define and measure product-market fit to best position and launch their products. For companies further along in their journey, we assist with fine tuning customer engagement and retention through opportunity and product-led growth models and strategies.

And through it all, we focus on customer and market segmentation and digital marketing, ensuring the right customers find your products at the right time.

Want to build a sustainable growth machine? Follow the data!
Our step-by-step guide to build your first growth model is here.

“The Platform+ team has been instrumental to our success so far. They have helped with fundraising preparation, coaching, and deck creation. And, at the moment, we are working very closely to set up our sales processes and materials. It’s a huge value-add.”

Ion Sergis
Co-Founder & CEO, Timberhub

Build an exceptional team

Attracting the best talent is your top priority – and we’re here to help. But we also take it a step further. 

Whether you need 1:1 leadership development, workshops on talent acquisition and retention strategies, or easy access to best practices for optimizing your people operations, our team is your sounding board and helping hand.

With tailored support throughout your journey, we help you develop as a leader and build an engaged, talented team with a strong, healthy company culture.

Start building your team with top talent today! 
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"Platform+ has provided us with a ton of valuable guidance and advice on hiring and people operations. Thanks to Miriam, I have also grown as a leader, since she suggested I join a leadership development program for female founders and helped both my co-founder and I get accepted."

Amanda Maiwald
Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Codary

Expand internationally

We invest in startups with global aspirations and we’re there to help you determine when and how to make the big move to new markets.

Whether it’s validating US market fit, defining a local go-to-market strategy in Europe, closing your first customers, or scaling your operations, our business development team and partners can support you through the entire process. 

With 10 years of international expansion support under our belt, we’ve built the powerful network of corporate executives, industry experts, and local business partnerships you need to plug into the world’s most competitive tech ecosystem.

Are you sure you’re ready for the US?
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“The Speedinvest Platform+ team helped Planetly with our international strategy and marketing setup. It was really valuable for us.”

Anna Alex
Co-Founder, Planetly (Exit 2021)

A powerful community

As one of our founders, you’ll be able to tap into our expert community and harness a wealth of collective experience and knowledge for your own business. Learn from our network of industry experts and fellow founders, as well as our library of resources – and share your own insights through every stage of your journey.


Founder-to-founder events and virtual sessions, 1:1 intros, our annual founder Insights summit and more.

Knowledge Exchange

Founders-only discussion, debate and brainstorming channel, topical webinars & interactive workshops.

Resource Hub

24/7 online access to business templates, guides, best practices, training seminars, and much more.

Speedinvest Perks

Discounts and free memberships from our large network of partners (HubSpot, Google, Amazon).

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