What Is Crisis Communication? Everything Startups Need To Know

Speedinvest's Joe Baur speaks with Michael Hoare about how founders can identify a crisis before it happens, when to notify customers or media about a crisis, when to try and solve a crisis internally, as well as basic steps founders on a budget can follow to prepare for a crisis on their own.

How to Get Press Coverage for Your Startup at Seed Stage in 2024

Looking to get press coverage for your Seed-stage startup? We asked PR pro, Martin Bryant, how to grab the attention of tech journalists.

Core Banking Software’s Evolution to a Cloud-Native Solution

Speedinvest's Tom Filip Lesche and Wissam Nasreddine discuss the evolution of core banking software and why we invested in Tuum's cloud-native solution.

Speedinvest Closes Oversubscribed Fourth Flagship Fund at €350 Million, €50 Million Above Target

The final close of Speedinvest 4 – €50 million above target – brings Speedinvest’s total assets raised for its fourth fund generation to more than €600M, including follow-on vehicles for its existing portfolio.

Sector-focused Predictions in 2024 for Founders From Early-Stage Investors

Our Speedinvest investors share their exclusive insights on what tech founders need to know to succeed in Deep Tech, Fintech, Health & TechBio, Climate Tech & Industrial Tech, Marketplaces, & Consumer and SaaS & Infra in 2024.

What Should European Tech Founders Be Prepared For In 2024?

Speedinvest's Oliver Holle breaks down what European tech founders need to be prepared for to succeed in 2024.

German Tech Startups | A Look at Speedinvest's Portfolio in Germany

Speedinvest investors dive deep into some of the top German tech startups in our portfolio and the opportunities they see for further investment in their sectors.

Austrian Tech Startups | A Look at Speedinvest's Portfolio in Austria

Our Speedinvest investors dive deep into some of the top Austrian tech startups in our portfolio and the opportunities we see in each sector for further investment.

UK Tech Startups | A Look at Speedinvest's Portfolio in the UK

Our Speedinvest investors dive deep into some of the top UK tech startups in our portfolio and the opportunities we see in each sector for further investment.

Spanish Tech Startups | A Look at Speedinvest's Portfolio in Spain

Speedinvest investors dive deep into some of the top Spanish tech startups in our portfolio and the opportunities they see for further investment in their sectors.

French Tech Startups | A Look at Speedinvest's Portfolio in France

Speedinvest investors dive deep into some of the top French tech startups in our portfolio and the opportunities they see for further investment in their sectors.

Why Marketplace Startups Must Embrace Change, AI, and Gen Z

Speedinvest's Jeroen Arts and Katharine Spooner discuss the importance of adaptability for marketplace startups and the role Gen Z and AI will continue to play.

How Raus Battles Cheap Flights to Offer Sustainable Nature Getaways

Raus, a Berlin-based startup, battles cheap flights by offering guests sustainable nature getaways to help combat climate anxiety and the stress of city life.

GP Bullhound Awards Speedinvest Seed Fund of the Year

GP Bullhound announced that Speedinvest is the winner of their coveted Seed Fund of the Year award, beating out strong competition from the likes of LocalGlobe, Seedcamp, IQ Capital, High-Tech Gründerfonds, and more.

How To Build a Brand: Tips and Best Practices From an Expert

Speedinvest's Joe Baur speaks with Saskia Ketz about how to build a brand for an early-stage startup, discussing everything from how much time founders should invest in branding and where to begin.

How To Evaluate Your Business Idea in Just Five Minutes

Speedinvest's Philip Specht and Sameer Singh share how to evaluate your marketplace business idea in just five minutes using their revamped network effects scorecard.

Femtech Investment: Analysis and Key Drivers of the Industry

VCs invested $1 billion in early-stage femtech in 2022. Speedinvest's Daria Gherghelas and Estelle Botbol untangle the data and introduce 440-plus femtech startups.

Full Stack Marketplace: Layers You Can Add On Top of Your Marketplace

Speedinvest's Maximilian Wilhelm discusses the full stack marketplace with exclusive insights from experts, like Pete Flint, Charlotte Cadé, Yann Ranchere, and more.

How NeoCarbon Is Using Direct Air Capture To Combat Climate Change

NeoCarbon is making direct air capture cheaper, more energy efficient, and more scalable than ever to combat climate change. Here's how.

Non-Dilutive Funding For Startups All Across Europe

Speedinvest's Estelle Botbol explains what non-dilutive funding is and shares non-dilutive funding options for startups from all across Europe.

How To Monetize Your Marketplace Business in 2023

Speedinvest's Marc Mühling shares how to monetize your marketplace business with insights from marketplaces professionals from Accel, NFX, Timberhub, and more.

Crypto Trading with Regulation-First Approach: Our Investment in One Trading

Bitpanda Pro is now One Trading. The only regulated trading platform that can issue structured products at scale, will operate as an independent entity with a separate, dedicated founding team.

SaaS Pricing Strategies and Tactics for Early-Stage Founders

Speedinvest's Audrey Handem shares how to choose the right pricing strategy for your startup and establish a qualified buyer persona, as well as some top tactics used by our portfolio companies June.so and Gitpod.

Top Areas for Starting a Marketplace Business Today

Speedinvest's Marc Mühling shares insights from marketplaces professionals (Accel, NFX, Eurazeo, EQT Growth, Vinted, and Timberhub) and dives deeper into each of the untapped opportunities in the space.

Investment Terminology For Beginners: What Founders Need To Know

Speedinvest's Tara Schoeller-Burke and Nora Frizberg break down the investment terminology founders need to know as the fundraise and prepare to sign term sheets.

Strengths and Challenges for the European Startup Ecosystem: An Interview with NEA

Speedinvest's Andreas Schwarzenbrunner chats with Philip Chopin, Managing Director of NEA, UK, about his thoughts on the strengths and challenges of the European startup ecosystem.

What These 3 Investors Want From A Founding Management Team

Speedinvest's Andreas Schwarzenbrunner speaks with Andrea Helbig, Partner at Atomico, Rebecka Löthman, Director at Inventures, and Katharina Wilhelm, Partner at Index Venture, about what they look for in a startup's founding management team.

Europe's Most Comprehensive Startup Ecosystem Overview

Speedinvest's Andreas Schwarzenbrunner breaks down the results from one of the most comprehensive surveys ever conducted of European venture capitalists.

Emerging Markets Outlook | A New Generation of Unicorns

Speedinvest's Irene Gentili and Philip Specht share their emerging markets thesis and why they believe that empowering the flow of capital towards network effects-focused businesses in those regions can deliver outstanding returns.

Employee Equity | Everything You Need To Know for Your Startup

Speedinvest's Tom Lesche, Nora Frizberg, and Miriam Feyer discuss the benefits of offering employee equity with tips from Ledgy's Joe Brennan and HROS' Lukas Rippitsch.

How To Build a B2B Marketplace: 10 Tips To Kickstart Your Startup

Speedinvest's Mathias Ockenfels and Maximilian Wilhelm share how to build a B2B marketplace with 10 tips and insights from B2B founders in our portfolio.

Best Startup Accelerators and Incubators for Healthtech in Europe

Speedinvest's Nadhila Wardhana offers up a collection of the best startup accelerators and incubators for healthtech companies in Europe.

What Does MEDDIC Stand for and How To Use It in Sales

Speedinvest's Mitchell Bradley answers "what does MEDDIC stand for?" and explains how you can use this sales methodology and why it's important to incorporate it into your sales strategy.

How Healthtech Startups Are Combating Physician Burnout

Speedinvest's Estelle Botbol and Daria Gherghelas share three takeaways from our healthtech report n partnership with Dealroom.co, Inkef, and MTIP that looks at investment in tools to combat physician burnout.

How To Prepare for a Media Interview as a Startup Founder

Speedinvest's Joe Baur chats with Patricia Allen, Editorial Director at EU Startups, about her top tips for startup founders preparing for media interviews.

B2B Sales Strategies | Build a Foundation for Your Pitch

Speedinvest's Mitchell Bradley offers three simple steps to help founders develop the foundation for their B2B sales strategies and their sales pitch.

How To Internationalize A Business | 3 Key Questions To Ask

Speedinvest's Jeroen Arts discusses how to internationalize a business by offering marketplace founders a three-question framework to ask themselves first.

Generative AI: Platforms, Network Effects, and the Economics of Abundance

Speedinvest venture partner Sameer Singh shares insights on how generative AI companies with network effects could have an impact on networks in adjacent markets.

Future of AI | How and Why Speedinvest is Investing in AI

Our Speedinvest investors share their thoughts on the future of AI and how we're investing in AI across deep tech, fintech, health, industrial tech, marketplaces, and SaaS & Infra.

Annual Recurring Revenue: A New Framework to Assess Quality of Revenue

Speedinvest's Fred Hagenauer discusses annual recurring revenue and shares his framework for assessing the quality of your company's revenue.

How To Pitch a Business Idea to Investors in Four Steps

Speedinvest's Philip Specht shares how to pitch a business idea to investors using his STAR Pitching Principles so you can nail your next pitch.

What Is Open Source Software and How Does It Work?

Speedinvest's Yang Tran answers "what is open source software?" introduces the key players in the space, and shares his playbook for OSS success.